How many gathering points do you have?

The average person has between 30 to 40 gathering points, places where unresolved items gather, such as inboxes, desk drawers, and notepads.    The less gathering points you have, the more productive you’ll be. Consolidate all those random places to get down to six gathering points—or less. 

Why repetition isn’t just for the gym

Repetition is essential to effective training. We understand this principle with professional athletes and musicians. Yet we ignore it in the workplace. Chose an area for you or others to improve upon. Then schedule enough time to get plenty of reps to achieve mastery. Repetition is essential to effective training. 

How to go from chaos to focus

Do you know the difference between chaos and focus? The two seem very similar by definition, but it’s critical to understand what sets them apart. This is one of the topics I discussed here at the impressive Gold coast convention center in Gold Coast, Australia, and I’d like to share some of it with you.  Chaos is the haphazard allocation of resources … Continue reading “How to go from chaos to focus”