Video: Zappos Tour Clips and Insights

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Last week I was invited by Greg Habstritt to speak in Las Vegas to his VIP clients. He told me they were going on the Zappos tour in the morning, so I made sure I arrived early so I could go with them. Not only was the tour amazing, but Tony Hsieh responded to Greg’s request and spent about 1 hour just responding to our questions.

I filmed a bunch of clips from the Tour so you could get a taste of the experience, then added my own insights at the end.

After the tour approached me for an interview interviewed me for a special piece they’re going to do on The Myth of Multitasking. If you’re a ZapposInsights member, watch for that in a couple of weeks,

This is a bit more of a “fancy” video then the usually fare that I offer. I hope you enjoy!

Everyone is Royalty at Zappos -- Even Dave

Everyone is Royalty at Zappos -- Even Dave

P.S.  Discussion question for this week: how can Zappos employees still be productive when they switch desks at random occasionally? I have my theory, but I’d like to hear yours. Please comment on the blog!

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