Why training your managers to respect employees is vital

“You’re doing it wrong.”

If you, or one of your managers, is talking to employees this way then I strongly encourage you to consider a new training program.

I’ve recently been hearing so much frustration around micromanagement, little to no power or authority given to employees, and a general lack of respect that causes many to look for a new job elsewhere.

In today’s job market, it’s very easy to move on if you’re dissatisfied. Employee turnover costs companies thousands of dollars! The good news is there’s a simple solution.

Train your management team to treat their employees with care and respect. There are many ways of achieving this goal, and one I highly recommend is having your leaders encourage regular breaks doing an activity of their choice during the work day. It doesn’t have to be long—a mere ten minutes can make a significant difference!

The best part: You’ll be rewarded with loyalty and increased productivity. In a recent Harvard Business Review, it was shown that by doing this one thing, you can increase employee retention by eighty-one percent! I’d love to hear from you on this matter.

What would you do to train managers on doing a better job of respecting employees? Share in the comments below!