Why Taking Vacation Makes You More Successful

What do you think has a higher likelihood of earning a promotion: taking a vacation or powering through work and forgoing vacation?

As it turns out, devoting time to having fun is a critical component in your professional success. Employees who take vacations are more likely to receive a raise or get promoted. Actually using those vacation days can help you make more money in the long run.

Managers are aware of the importance of vacation, too. They want their employees to avoid burnout and perform at their optimal capacity. Watch out for the mindset of keeping your head down and never going on vacation. If you’re operating under the assumption that this will win points with your employer, you may be in for a surprise. As Fortune recently reported, taking fewer than 10 vacation days each year is detrimental to your ability to move up.

Taking a vacation strengthens your relationships with your spouse and family, too. When you take a vacation, you’re not the only one who benefits from a prolonged break from work. Spending time with your loved ones is like refilling your tank when it’s running low. Your energy and enthusiasm are replenished, and you’ll likely be able to view work challenges in a whole new way.

When’s the next time you’ll do something for fun, and what will you do?


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