How to Savor Your Success

Remember that moment? You know, that little thing that signified a benchmark for personal success? Did you let it fly by? Maybe it was a next-level client, or generating higher revenue, or…heck…a new baby!  Well, guess what? You did it! Congratulations! …so, what happens next? For some reason, entrepreneurs have a tendency to wolf down … Continue reading “How to Savor Your Success”

See You in August!

Greetings, Chaos-Crusher! You may be wondering where the video is this week. Well, don’t adjust your screen resolution or delete your cookies! This July, my team and I will be far too busy investing in Ray-Bans and SPF 50 for our month-long “strategy session.” Don’t fret. We’ll be back in August! While I’m gone, you … Continue reading “See You in August!”