How Repetitive Training Creates Mastery and Magic

The most powerful way to master a skill is the one thing most people seek to avoid: Practice.

Practice? Practice?! Yes, Allan Iverson from 2002…we’re talking about practice.

Specifically, the character-building process of repetition. Consider the skills you never really think about anymore. Perhaps your fine motor skills. As a baby, you were brand new with your hands. Picking up tinker toys was a job unto itself. However, through years of trial and error, your neurons began to rapid fire which allows you to use a keyboard or open a lock.

For the most part, basic motor skills don’t appear on resumes. There isn’t motor skills scarcity on the job market, and those with disabilities can and should be accommodated. However, through repetitive training, you can take highly marketable skills, either with your team or on your own, and repeat them until they become effortless and truly magical to behold.

This is how professional athletes dazzle us before even breaking a sweat. That’s how Jerry Seinfeld honed his first tight five minutes on The Tonight Show. That’s how I earned the nickname “Banjo” in high school. That is how you will get your result!

What process or skill do you want to hone until you find your magic five minutes?

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