Why taking an Oasis is important for productivity

I’m in Arizona about to speak at an event—however, I am recording it in November. You are seeing it now because I actually take off the entire month of December for an extended oasis with my family. Sure, I check email here and there, but most of the time is spent enjoying time off. I do the same thing in July!

If you are wondering why I would do this, go to DaveCrenshaw.com/fun, and you will see my book, the Power of Having Fun. I talk about how important it is to establish breaks, which I call an oasis, to recharge your batteries. Yes, taking time off work will help you be MORE productive!

Why? Well, when you get stuck in a routine of working long, endless hours you overlook inefficiencies in your system. By taking a step back, and enjoying an oasis, it gives you a fresh look at everything when you return. It doesn’t have to be an entire month—even something as little as an hour can work wonders.

So, open up your calendar and schedule those breaks now. Then, protect them just as you would an important appointment. Thanks for watching!