How I beat the odds of mental illness and abuse

Do you know someone who deals with depression? Or who struggles to build healthy relationships? Or be stable in their career? 

I do. 

This may seem outside of my normal message. It’s not. How we think about ourselves and others deeply effects our productivity and success. 

Not everyone wants to watch a 13-minute video about mental health. I understand. 

While I won’t be offended if you don’t watch, please give it a try. 

It’s taken me years of working through my fears and obstacles to be able to share this message with you. 

For anyone experiencing pain, this is 13 minutes well spent. It can save lives; I believe it. 

Why would I say this? Because I personally have lived with deep mental health challenges and the scars of abuse my entire life. 

I’ve survived hell, over and over again.  A few times every year I experience so much mental agony that I want to end my life. 

But I’m still here. 

This video explains why, what that is like, and more importantly, the system I’ve used to survive. 

I’m still here. 

I’ve found a way to beat my odds. You can, too. You can succeed in every aspect of life, despite the odds life has given you. 

This is how. 

Don’t rush through it. Pause. Invest attention into these minutes, because they may change your life or the life of someone you know. 

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