How many hours do you need to work to be successful?

How many hours per week do you believe you must work to be successful? How would you define the word “successful?”

Think about how it would feel to live the life you want to live NOW, not tomorrow, or when you retire. Is that life centered around working long hours, day after day? Then why are we so convinced that to reach our results, we must work 60+ hours a week?

Personally, I believe if you are working more than 60 hours a week, you are just inefficient at managing your time. Success isn’t about working more hours, it’s about working fewer hours that are more focused. Once you master this idea, you will realize it is about your “value per hour” rather than the hours you work per week. Then you can finally start living the life you want and having the time to enjoy it, instead of just dreaming about “one day” from behind your desk.

I would love to hear your answer to the question above, “How many hours per week do you believe you need to work in order to be successful?”

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