Business Systems for Non-Robotic Employees

Systems are critical to the success of your small business, because they create consistent results. Yet entrepreneurs have a passion for freedom and flexibility. If consistency is critical, but individuality is invaluable, what’s an entrepreneur to do? Error. Does not compute.

Focus on this video for 63 seconds to learn my program for successful–yet flexible–systems for your employees. I promise you won’t end up with an army of robots.

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Video transcription:

One question I hear from business owners is “how do I implement systems in my business but not turn my employees into robots?”

Let me provide three suggestions to help keep your system flexible.

First of all, are your systems simple? We just want bullet points here. Not every little word in detail. Allow a little bit of room for your employees to make decisions for themselves.

Second, do we train our employees regularly? By training them, you’ll empower them to learn and to grow, and to start making decisions on their own.

And finally, ask what’s in it for them? Often, entrepreneurs consider the system in terms of how it’s good for the business. Instead, ask how it’s good for the employee to follow the system. There are answers to that question.

I’d like you to answer in the comments section below—on a scale of zero to ten, how well are your employees following systems?

Also, if you have a question you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now go unleash the power of systems.

Join the conversation: On a scale of zero to ten, how well are your employees following systems?

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4 Archived Responses to “Business Systems for Non-Robotic Employees”

  1. Nick Webb says:

    I’d say on average my employees are at a 6 and getting better. It’s been tough to find the right balance of making sure we have documentation / processes for most things while not describing exactly how each employee should work.

    • Dave Crenshaw says:

      Thanks for sharing, Nick. Is your business using my Single Page System template? That’s a great way to strike the balance. There’s a link to it in the yellow box at the bottom of this post.

  2. I’m adding a 5-15 min training session during each of our weekly production team meetings. Each staff member will be assigned, in rotation, to teach our production team one thing that would enhance the knowledge of the entire team about what they specialize in (i.e., web development, database automation, project management, etc.). Thanks, Dave!