How your focus style affects your productivity

“I used to be great at staying organized, but lately, things have just gotten so off track!”

If this sounds like you, then you fall into one of the three focus style groups I call the “Nomad.”

You have a natural desire and tendency to be good at time management, you’ve just gotten out of the habit for whatever reason.

Then there are the people who think, “It’s really not THAT hard to stay focused and organized, I don’t understand the issue…” and I call them the “Focus Masters.”

Finally, there’s the group that says, “My desk may look messy, but I know where everything is…kind of…” and everyone else struggles to work around them. They’re the “Chaos Masters.”

In the video below, which was being recorded and broadcasted live internationally to the employees of a major pharmaceutical company, I go into the details of each focus style. Knowing your style helps you tailor the time management tips I teach!

Whether you’re a Focus Master dealing with other’s madness or a Chaos Master needing an intervention, there’s a way to make your life easier!

So, which focus style do you think you fit into? A Focus Master, a Nomad, or a Chaos Master? Comment Below!

P.S. – I am, by nature, a Chaos Master! It’s why I LIVE by what I teach…it completely changed my life.

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