When Your Boss Needs Help with Time Management

What happens when you and your manager aren’t aligned?

It’s one thing to free yourself from the bad habit of multitasking, re-think your work routines and watch your productivity skyrocket. But what do you do when your colleaguesor even your managerdon’t exactly have the same time management skills that you do?

You may have heard the phrase “Your lack of planning isn’t my emergency.” It’s empowering, if a not a little sassy, but for many places of business, it’s just not a practical sentiment to express when someone isn’t as on the ball as you are.

Nevertheless, if your manager hasn’t exactly mastered the art of time management, it still affects you. So, what to do? There are a few options. You could introduce your boss to one of my video courses or give them a book about multitasking.

If that’s not practical, look to emergency responders for professional inspiration. When I talked with EMTs and ER nurses about their careers, I learned something. Because of the unpredictable nature of their jobs, they can only schedule about 50% of their day, so they build a buffer into each workday to “plan” for chaos. Try building a buffer into your day for when the interruptions come in.

This can give you a sense of control, even in situations where you may not have that much of it.

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