How first-hand experience is better than a lecture

Ah, yes…that sweet relief when you finally get control of your time management—until you realize you work with others that are NOT in control.
You want to shove what you’ve learned in their face, but that’s rude—right? Yes, yes it is…and not as effective either.
I get this question often from people who’ve completed my Time Management Fundamentals course: “Dave, how do I share your course tactfully with coworkers or my boss!”
The answer: First-hand experience! Share a hands-on experiment with them, like my Myth of Multitasking exercise. Get it at
If you don’t feel that’s appropriate, then simply share your story! This allows the other person to feel the experience through your eyes. Then they can choose whether or not they want to apply the story to their own life.
If you know someone that could use a little guidance with time management, feel free to “share” this video. If you could use the help yourself, check out the course at

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