The 2% Difference That Creates Extra Time

Does something as small as a 2% uptick in productivity yield any noticeable changes?

The truth of time is that everyone is limited to the same twenty-four hours per day. Yet by making small tweaks to increase your productivity by just two percentage points, you can have the gift of extra time. How much? How about an entire week’s worth over the course of a single year!

It’s pretty easy. Here are three actionable tips you can try right now:

First, audit your workspace. Is there something, however small, that annoys you? Maybe it’s that one keyboard key that’s a little sticky. Fix it. Or your chair was never adjusted to best accommodate your body. Make it right. Improving your workstation in small ways pays off big time.

Next, stop being tempted by technology. Instead of idly looking at your phone, reserve a spot on your calendar for tech time. After all, you check your email—your email shouldn’t check you.

Last, eliminate the phrase “quick question” from your vocabulary. If the same people pop in to ask you a “quick question”—or if you do this to others—schedule short, recurring 1:1 huddles with them. This will give you both a designated time for those quick questions.

It’s easy and well worth it to improve productivity, even just a couple of percentage points at a time.

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