How to go from chaos to focus

Do you know the difference between chaos and focus? The two seem very similar by definition, but it’s critical to understand what sets them apart. This is one of the topics I discussed here at the impressive Gold coast convention center in Gold Coast, Australia, and I’d like to share some of it with you. 

Chaos is the haphazard allocation of resources toward that which is of variable value. This means you are working hard, spending time and money, all over the place for something that “sometimes pays off” but not consistently. Chaos and success can make an addictive team because of those highs that mix in with the lows as a result of the sporadic energy. I understand this feeling of addiction as someone who was once diagnosed “off the charts” ADHD.  

Focus, on the other end, is the strategic allocation of resources toward that which is of most value. This is evident by making careful, conscious choices about where to spend your time, energy and money— and ONLY on that which is best. 

 An example of the difference between chaos and focus is when you see a leader who has lots of different things going on, jumping around, hands in everyone’s work, needing to micromanage—but that’s not their most valuable use of time. They often appear frazzled and impatient. They work in chaos, which is not the most valuable use of their time.  When someone shifts to focus, they delegate better and choose to focus their time on that which is best. For me, my most valuable activities would be creating content for training, and then delivering it, such as speaking in Australia or in this video to you. When you work with focus, your stress levels will go down, you will find a more consistent balance of success, and it can cause a trickle-down effect on those around you! 

 What are your most valuable activities? What are the most valuable things you could be spending your time on? Focus on spending more time on those and less time on the rest. Then you will move away from chaos and towards focus. 

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