Why being busy isn’t the same as being productive

“I’m too busy managing day-to-day issues to have time for strategic planning!”

“I’m always busy. So why doesn’t seem like I’m never getting anything DONE?”

I was in Phoenix recently, delivering the keynote for a really cool event with the National Pest Management Association on one of my favorite topics, The Myth of Multitasking, and I wanted to share one of the concepts from it with you now.

There are so many ways to spend your time each day that it can be overwhelming. How do you prioritize it and decide what to focus on to get the most out of your day? This is where knowing what your two “Most Valuable Activities” are comes into play. Your MVAs are where you should be spending the majority of your time!

My two MVAs are creating content and delivering content such as books, speeches and courses. If I do anything else, it’s most likely something I shouldn’t be doing. That’s why I have an amazing team to handle most anything else, and if they can’t do it, we hire an outside person for it.

Now I want you to contemplate these two questions:

👉 What are your two Most Valuable Activities?

👉 What can you do this week to focus on them just a bit more?

Let me hear your answers in the comments below!

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