Embrace the Motivating Power of Vision

“Stalled”…“Can’t take next step”…“Stuck in rut.” We have so many ways to describe these feelings, likely because everyone experiences them. Sometimes we have no idea what we’re supposed to do next, both in business and in life. What many of my coaching clients learn is that you can’t take the “next step” until you know … Continue reading “Embrace the Motivating Power of Vision”

Using Sound and Smell to Create a Customer Experience

Light some candles. Put on a little smooth jazz. Offer some chocolate strawberries. No, you aren’t about to get romantic with your special someone. You’re about to go on a hot date with improved Yelp reviews and customer retention. Sometimes, online and consumer-facing businesses focus exclusively on visual stimuli. They keep their shops relatively organized … Continue reading “Using Sound and Smell to Create a Customer Experience”

How to Savor Your Success

Remember that moment? You know, that little thing that signified a benchmark for personal success? Did you let it fly by? Maybe it was a next-level client, or generating higher revenue, or…heck…a new baby!  Well, guess what? You did it! Congratulations! …so, what happens next? For some reason, entrepreneurs have a tendency to wolf down … Continue reading “How to Savor Your Success”

How To Motivate Your Employees to Keep Learning

Did your college diploma come with a free, lifetime supply of business acumen? Mine sure didn’t! Nobody enters the workforce knowing…well, much of anything! Luckily, you took the advice of your commencement speaker and committed to life-long learning. As the “Dean” of your own business, you sincerely want to pass your wisdom on to your … Continue reading “How To Motivate Your Employees to Keep Learning”