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See You in August!

Greetings, Chaos-Crusher! 

You may be wondering where the video is this week. Well, don’t adjust your screen resolution or delete your cookies! This July, my team and I will be far too busy investing in Ray-Bans and SPF 50 for our month-long “strategy session.” Don’t fret. We’ll be back in August!

While I’m gone, you might enjoy watching some of my most popular videos…think of them as the “Crenshaw Classics:”

As always, thank you for reading, watching, and supporting me. Have a wonderful July and, please, wear plenty of sunscreen! 



How To Motivate Your Employees to Keep Learning

Did your college diploma come with a free, lifetime supply of business acumen? Mine sure didn’t! Nobody enters the workforce knowing…well, much of anything! Luckily, you took the advice of your commencement speaker and committed to life-long learning.

As the “Dean” of your own business, you sincerely want to pass your wisdom on to your employees. Yet most employees have just one problem, and it can be summed up in 3 letters…“Meh.”

Employee apathy is the enemy of learning programs. That’s why the advice in this slice is about how to motivate employees to learn even when they think they’re “too cool for school”.



Fixing Common Organization Chart Mistakes

Ah, business ownership. Yep, it’s hard not to gaze upon what you’ve built and proclaim, “home sweet home.”

Little do you suspect that the very foundation of your home, the organization chart, is about as flimsy as the paper money that’s about to go flying out of your wallet. Organization charts that are contaminated with chaos are cracks in your foundation, and cracks in your foundation can only mean one thing for your business: you’re sunk!

Just like a 90 second version of ‘This Old House’, this short slice will help you repair those hairline cracks to keep your house a home.



Are your Company Values Motivational?

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that motivating your employees is key to success. Yet all too often their motivational tool is reward or punishment, like: “bring in a boatload of money and I’ll foot the bill on a steak dinner.” Unless your employees are named Seabiscuit, carrots and sticks don’t really make for a highly motivated workforce.

Instead, take a quick 80 seconds out of your day to learn this shockingly simple tool for motivating your employees. Hopefully, I’ve motivated you to press the play button. I mean it is YouTube…who needs motivation to watch YouTube?



3 Steps to Help Remote Employees Really Work

Entrepreneurs everywhere are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I need a little distance,” by putting employees to work remotely. And whether they’re seeking space or savings, it’s vital to make employees working from home work for the business.

Keep your employees engaged from afar with these three tips for building – or enhancing – those long distance relationships. You’re just 86 seconds away from a focused, connected team!