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The 5 Harvests of The Entrepreneur – A New Kind of Exit Strategy

Small business owners have the tendency to lose steam when they’re working toward their big goals. This lack of motivation is exactly what Chaos, Inc. needs to huff, and puff, and blow your whole exit strategy down.

Every entrepreneur needs what I call the five harvests. Think of these like Thanksgiving celebrations where you thank your hardest working employee: yourself.

Ready for me to pass the gravy? Then watch my latest video:



4 Things to Do Before Hiring an Employee

Welcome to a new year and my all new video series, Chaos vs. Entrepreneur! Every Tuesday I’m going to bring you hot-n-ready bite-sized morsels of small business magic, crafted to help you do battle with the forces of CHAOS.

One of the craziest ways Chaos Inc. sinks its evil clutches into your business is through employee hiring.  Small business owners are notorious for throwing human beings at problems. “Here’s some money…fix my business for me!”

It doesn’t work, folks. Hiring a new employee is not a potion for your problems.

Before you invest one more new dollar into payroll, watch this brief video to learn the four things you must do first.



Goal Setting: Achievement Depends on Vision

All too soon you’ll be tempted to begin the obligatory process of making resolutions for 2014. “I resolve to lose weight.” “I’m going to save up money.” “I’m going to write a book.” “I resolve to spend more time with my family.”

You know and I know that New Year’s goal setting can be summed up in one four letter word: Bull.

How about some real change next year? Let me show you the process I have helped thousands use and use myself.

This week’s video is a sample from my full course on lynda.com, called Achieving Your Goals.

In this video, I guide you through the process of creating a crystal clear vision for your future. After you watch this video, you can get a 7-day free trial to lynda.com which includes my course and much more!



Digital Detox: The Lifesaver We All Need

Work can seem all-consuming. Think texts, voice-mails, emails, briefs, newsletters. They’re never ending! All that sensory pollution often makes insight seem like an endangered species.  Not good.

And like endangered species, your inspiration and motivation can be found in an important place: a sanctuary. Only difference? Wild-life sanctuaries should be poacher-free, yours should be tech-free.

Watch my short video to learn how digital detox can shift perspective and reignite inspiration. More importantly, learn where and when to use this valuable trick!



The Art of Employee Recognition: Acts of Awesomeness

“Employee of the Month” was a great way to inspire employees…in 1975. Now it’s something better suited to a punch line in an episode of The Office or a Dilbert cartoon.

As a small business owner, you don’t have to do things the stuffy old way. It’s time for the new hotness.

In this video, I share a method one of my clients discovered for motivating and recognizing exceptional employees. Watch this quick video to get this “awesome” tool!