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How to Fix Your Hiring Process

The hiring process can exhaust entrepreneurs, creating chaos of a seemingly simple practice. Plus, you’re likely in a hurry. Your company is growing and you need new employees NOW, right? Not so fast, my frenzied friend.

Today’s 75-second video helps you focus—and fine-tune—your hiring process to avoid character flaws you just can’t afford. That’s right—hiring just got a whole lot simpler!



5 Tips to Avoid Virtual Assistant Disasters

Entrepreneurs are quick to find out how much time is really required for day to day business needs. In fact, you’ve probably thought, “Maybe I should get one of those virtual assistant thingys to help tackle my workload…”

Although that can be effective, if done wrong, it can get really chaotic, really quickly.

Hiring a virtual assistant seems like the obvious answer, but oftentimes small business owners find themselves with more work than they began with. Avoid a potentially chaotic outcome with my five tips to avoid virtual assistant disasters…



Business Partners and Monsters

Entrepreneurs, especially new ones, often think that getting a partner who shares their vision and energy is the fastest way to grow a business. Unfortunately, they’re most often wrong.

It’s not because business partnerships can’t succeed. They can. However, partnerships that fail do so because they are set up to fail from the very beginning.

If you’re thinking of finding a business partner, or know someone who is, watch this brief video—before the partnership turns into a monster.



How Employee Motivation Leads to Employee Loyalty

The customer is king, of course. But your staff is much like your army, and you need their loyalty to succeed.

Have you been using employee motivation methods to your best advantage? If not…well, here’s your chance!

In this short video I’ll discuss some ways you can enhance the performance of your workers by increasing their loyalty to both you and your business.



How to Measure Business Performance

How do you measure business performance? Seems like a simple enough question, right?

Yet you may be shocked to learn how many small business owners aren’t tracking critical numbers. (Or maybe you won’t be shocked? Maybe you’re one of them?)

In this brief video I’ll present some of the best yardsticks for gauging your business performance.