How To Identify a Good Employee

Your employees aren’t quite up to snuff, but how do you know whether to keep training them or fire and re-hire? Are they truly good employees? This short video will show you how to make the cut. Please watch and comment.

Focus or Chaos – Which side are you on?

There is an epic battle raging between two forces. Both sides want control of your time, your energy, your money and your attention. But who is winning the battle? Watch this brief video to learn about these two forces influencing your life and your career.

The 3 Most Valuable Management Questions

If you’re asking the wrong management questions, then the answers don’t even matter. Watch this quick video, and then start asking the three most valuable “right” questions.

The Myth of Business Systems

Most entrepreneurs recognize the need for business systems. Many books and gurus teach that without systems or standard operating procedures your business won’t last long. And they’re right—but only to a certain point. If misdirected, an over-reliance on business systems can do more harm than good. I’ve found many business owners hold common misconceptions about … Continue reading “The Myth of Business Systems”