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The Myth of Multitasking

Increase Your Value with the Power of Hidden Time!

What could you do with a 20% increase in productivity? Dave will show you and your company how to find extra time at work, without having to work weekends. Dave will show you how to find precious minutes and hours – that add up to extra DAYS! – hiding right under your noses. Not only that, Dave will show you how to make that time COUNT with his truly unique brand of wit and wisdom.

Lengths of Speeches Available:
Keynote 3 hours

The Myth of Multitasking: Increase Your Value with the Power of Hidden Time!

The Power of Having Fun

How Meaningful Breaks Help you Get More Done…and Feel Fantastic!

What if you could be more productive than you are now, simply by having more fun? The Power of Having Fun will guide you through Crenshaw’s revolutionary five-step system to grow your business and advance your career…all while feeling fantastic! Discover the science and power of essential, rejuvenating moments that will replenish your mental, emotional, and social reserves on your journey toward greater productivity.

Lengths of Speeches Available:
Keynote 3 hours

The Power of Having Fun: How Meaningful Breaks Help you Get More Done...and Feel Fantastic!

The Focused Business

How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos!

In this fresh, creative take on entrepreneurship, Dave confronts Chaos Inc., the prime culprit of small business failure. He then arms you with the superhero utility belt you need to rise above the daily mayhem and craft a focused business strategy. Through real-world examples and a healthy dose of wit, you’ll discover how to conquer the seven Agents of Chaos, stay focused, and maximize profit. For any small business seeking to create a solid foundation for lasting growth, The Focused Business is the fun, memorable, and absolutely invaluable experience.
Lengths of Speeches Available:
Keynote 3 hours 1 day

The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos!


How to Boost Your Value per Hour

Want a promotion? Do you dream big but feel stuck where you’re at? Do you wish your boss took your ideas seriously? Dave has helped others get noticed – and promoted – at work, by becoming more focused. He will give you the six keys of focus, the Invaluable Factors, that will radically increase the value of your time and productivity, regardless of whether you’re an employee, a manager, or the CEO.

Lengths of Speeches Available:

Invaluable: How Focus Can Help You Improve Your Job Security and Earn a Raise

SAM: The Leader’s Tool

How to Boost Productivity Quickly and Permanently

Ever attend a meeting or an event where everyone gets excited to make a change…and then three weeks later forget about it? In order for organizations to grow, they must make lasting changes. In this keynote, Dave demonstrates the magic of SAM: The Leader’s Tool. Live and unrehearsed, he resolves deep-seated business problems for audience members.Then he provides the process participants can take back to the workplace to use every single day. This is one speech you have to see to believe!

Lengths of Speeches Available:
Keynote 3 hours

SAM: The Leader's Tool

"Our business has grown financially. It's grown in organization and stability of our systems. Our employees are definitely happier and most importantly - my stress level has decreased substantially."

Angy Ford
Owner, Bravo Arts Academy

"Invaluable bridges the gap between employee - manager relationships and productivity. Companies that implement this message not only stand to improve their bottom line but also make their work environments happier for everyone."

Keith Ferrazzi
Author, Never Eat Alone

"Dave Crenshaw demonstrates how multitasking is, in fact, a lie that actually wastes time, energy, and money... 'switchtasking,' as Dave calls it, not only uses up more of our resources, but it also diminishes our overall productivity."

Chuck Norris
Actor and Martial Artist

"At, our core values include pursuing growth and learning, doing more with less, and building a positive team and family spirit. Dave's message can resonate with anyone looking to live those values and make themselves invaluable."

Tony Hsieh