“You simply can’t go wrong by having Dave Crenshaw present at your meeting. He’s professional. He’s personable. He engages the audience. His material is absolutely outstanding. We will have him back.”
Greg Anderson, Managing Director, Crown Council

“I hired Dave Crenshaw to address three hundred entrepreneurs from across the globe on the Myths of Multi-tasking. Dave has a simple and yet important message which he delivers in a fun, light and entertaining way. I would not hesitate to re-hire or recommend him to others.”
David Nilssen, Cofounder & CEO, Guidant Financial (EO Seattle)

“Dave did a phenomenal job … high integrity, tremendous content. If you’re considering hiring Dave for an event I highly, highly recommend it. He went above and beyond.”
Robin Robins, President, Technology Marketing Toolkit

“I’ve produced some extraordinary events with speakers such as the Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson. Dave Crenshaw’s message, his passion, his commitment to his clients is unlike any we’ve ever seen before. He was without a doubt one of the biggest hits today.”
Koroush Assef, Partner, SimpleWealth

“I had Dave Crenshaw come to one of my events and speak to about four hundred of my members. Since that first event I’ve hired Dave again to come and do another session for my people because they just can’t get enough of him. Book him before someone else does.”
Sam Beckford, Owner, Successful Studio Strategies

“Dave’s topic and presentation are incredibly on point! I’m amazed at his unique delivery where he smartly personifies the chaotic villains that pull at our ability to be focused superheroes. I’m not surprised he was our highest rated event of the year and confident that he will continue to bring value to all individuals/chapters that have the opportunity to hear his sound methodology.”
Mark Sims, President/CEO at Fikes Products

“Weeks after [the event]having heard the overwhelmingly positive feedback of so many attendees, we can say this with certainty: we made the right choice. … you successfully connected with each person and encouraged them to apply your advice to their unique business challenges. More than a typical corporate keynote presentation, you really took us on a journey. Your dynamic presentation was interactive, entertaining, and allowed…attendees to walk away with tangible lessons.”
Meny Hoffman, Founder LTB Summit, CEO, Ptex Group

“The Kansas City Chapter of Entrepreneurial Organization recently hired David Crenshaw to speak at a Learning Event. We had a packed room thrilled with David’s Presentation/Workshop on The Myth of Multitasking. His humorous approach to an important subject kept the room thoroughly entertained while imparting great wisdom. We would highly recommend David Crenshaw to others.”
Luke Ungashick, Automated Ingredient Systems, LLC

“Dave is an awesome speaker who is able to connect with the audience in a unique way. Everyone left with a new perspective on what productivity really means. It is rare to leave a session with this many concrete steps to improve your business and your life.”
Gary Pica, President, TruMethods

“I had Dave Crenshaw come to one of my events and speak to about four hundred of my members. Since that first event I’ve hired Dave again to come and do another session for my people because they just can’t get enough of him. Book him before someone else does.”
Sam Beckford, Owner, Successful Studio Strategies

“Our meeting attendee survey proved him to be the top rated speaker … Dave’s presentation was inter-active, provided great solutions and really made people think about the positive changes they could make.”
Diana Nelson, Event Coordinator, KFSA

“Dave Crenshaw recently spoke at EO Utah’s Business Convention. He did an excellent job presenting “The Myth of Multitasking” to the group. He was well-versed, enthusiastic, energetic, and came prepared. Dave spoke on a topic often overlooked in the workplace, and I think it shed some light on all of us business owners. I would highly recommend his services.”
Jeremy Day, Dealer/President, Henry Day Ford

“Dave Crenshaw addressed our group on the topic of The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos. The presentation was amazing. The nuggets of information that I took away from this session were worth the price of admission and then some. I would see him again in a heartbeat.”
Sylvia Richards, NAPSA President

“Dave is an incredibly multi talented, dynamic and compelling individual. His take on topics such as multitasking was ‘invaluable’! I invited Dave to share his expertise at our annual Behind Every Leader event, and needless to say, I hope he will be a part of our stellar lineup for years to come. His breadth of knowledge and abundant skill set has been utilized by a global audience of CEO’s and Admin professionals.”
Victoria Louise Rabin, CEO/Founder of Executive Assistants Organization

“Dave is clever, witty and relevant to these times. He speaks effectively and delvers an engaging presentation evidenced by an enthralled audience that did not stir. I recommend him to help increase your productivity. Simple but effective.”
Murrali Rangarajan, Managing Director and Co Founder, at Business Accelerator, LLC

“Dave’s ability to help companies and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential is simply excellent. Dave spoke in Ghana at The Vodafone African Leadership Seminar and I must say I was humbled to part of his presentation in Ghana.”
David Pappoe Jr., Founder/ CEO, Pap Oil services, Ghana

“Over the years at SANG we have had some amazing speakers share the stage like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Guy Kawasaki, David Allen, and I can honestly say that some of the things that Dave shared with our group has been some of the most impactful. Dave’s message is important and his delivery is powerful. You will be glad you hired Dave Crenshaw, I certainly was.”
Larry Benet, Chief Connect of SANG and the author of “Connection Currency”

“Dave did an exceptional job with the presentation…I would not hesitate recommending Dave Crenshaw as a speaker, [The Myth of Multitasking] is versatile for any profession!”
Melinda Elizondo, Membership Director, Nevada Chapter AGC

I attended Dave’s Myth of Multitasking workshop July 16, 2015 hosted by the Kansas City EO chapter. I found the content to be some of the most practical and applicable I have experienced. I took away actionable next actions to better myself and my business.
Paul Worcester, Worcester Investments

“Dave Crenshaw provided two very informative and entertaining seminars for our guests. He provides real life scenarios, great concepts that can be applied in all industries, and he brings humor and candor to the discussion.”
Jason Stoddard, Vice President, KeyBank

“Our group is a cross-section of business, education and community leaders in Northern Nevada. Dave Crenshaw has an entertaining and engaging delivery and his content was applicable for 100% of our attendees.”
James Cavanaugh, Executive Director at Western Industrial Nevada

“Dave’s material and presentation are top notch. I highly recommend Dave as a speaker/presenter to any group or organization.”
Ted Broman, Owner IntegraCore, Conduit, Health Connect

“I was blown away. I love his wisdom, I love his humor, I love his clarity, I love his examples and I’m a fan. I’m a raving fan. Dave’s the man.”
Raymond Aaron, Author and Speaker

“I recommend Dave Crenshaw whole-heartedly and am his advocate for any speaker presentation.”
Jason Hewlett, Owner, JH Entertainment

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Dave’s workshops. He was specific in actions to take and not filled with fluff like so many other workshops I’ve attended. He gave me hope that I to with a little effort can become effective in my day to day activities.”
Mark Weisenburger, IPC at doTERRA

“Dave demonstrated why he is such an in-demand speaker and expert. He is practical, candid and avoids “consultant speak” while seriously impacting how we do our work.”
Wayne Turmel, Virtual and Remote Teams Expert Blogger , Trainer and Consultant

"Our business has grown financially. It's grown in organization and stability of our systems. Our employees are definitely happier and most importantly - my stress level has decreased substantially."

Angy Ford
Owner, Bravo Arts Academy

"Invaluable bridges the gap between employee - manager relationships and productivity. Companies that implement this message not only stand to improve their bottom line but also make their work environments happier for everyone."

Keith Ferrazzi
Author, Never Eat Alone

"Dave Crenshaw demonstrates how multitasking is, in fact, a lie that actually wastes time, energy, and money... 'switchtasking,' as Dave calls it, not only uses up more of our resources, but it also diminishes our overall productivity."

Chuck Norris
Actor and Martial Artist

"At, our core values include pursuing growth and learning, doing more with less, and building a positive team and family spirit. Dave's message can resonate with anyone looking to live those values and make themselves invaluable."

Tony Hsieh