To request the full rider form, please complete the form to the right, or send an email to booking  @  DaveCrenshaw.com.

Technical Rider

  • 2 wireless mics (one lapel or headset, one handheld with stand for audience questions).
  • Projection screen. Minimum 2500 Lumen Projector with HDMI or DVI connection for PC laptop.
  • Speaker-side PowerPoint prompter screen preferred.
  • Raised stage or stadium seating preferred. Stage dimensions of 16’ x 8’ minimum recommended. No podium, please.
  • Quality stage lighting per Invaluable or Speaker’s approval.
  • If the audience is 300 attendees or more, a video camera with large screen display of speaker is advised.

"Our business has grown financially. It's grown in organization and stability of our systems. Our employees are definitely happier and most importantly - my stress level has decreased substantially."

Angy Ford
Owner, Bravo Arts Academy

"Invaluable bridges the gap between employee - manager relationships and productivity. Companies that implement this message not only stand to improve their bottom line but also make their work environments happier for everyone."

Keith Ferrazzi
Author, Never Eat Alone

"Dave Crenshaw demonstrates how multitasking is, in fact, a lie that actually wastes time, energy, and money... 'switchtasking,' as Dave calls it, not only uses up more of our resources, but it also diminishes our overall productivity."

Chuck Norris
Actor and Martial Artist

"At Zappos.com, our core values include pursuing growth and learning, doing more with less, and building a positive team and family spirit. Dave's message can resonate with anyone looking to live those values and make themselves invaluable."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos.com