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How to Grow Profit in Your Business with Less Effort

Entrepreneurs are often idea-generating machines. That’s why so many small business owners (mistakenly) believe that expanding their product or service line is a steady solution to grow profit.

Pause with me for a brief 90 seconds to find out why proliferating your products or services could have a destructive effect on your bottom line. Let’s find out what you can do to grow profit and stay focused!



February: Friend or Foe for Small Business Owners?

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs everywhere all seem to dread, it’s the frosty, frigid F-word: February. But, exactly why is this month so darn tough? And how do we brace ourselves for its inevitable challenges?

Today’s small business slice answers that question, giving you all you need to survive and thrive in this tumultuous timeframe. Get ready to take February from foe to friend in all of 64 seconds.



How to Prioritize to Gain Time Dividends

One of the best ways to evade the clutches of chaos in your small business is to schedule tasks based on importance. But how to prioritize those times when everything feels mission critical?

Prioritize and conquerize your day in this blazingly fast small business slice, which helps you calculate the smartest route to scheduling success. Take just 90 seconds, and you’ll discover how quickly your free time can add up!



How to Revive and Achieve Goals

Setting goals is an invaluable way for small business owners to set sail on a New Year. But oftentimes, just a few weeks in, the pressures of day-to-day chaos take over and threaten your ambition’s ability to stay afloat.

Let me throw you a 90-second lifeline to get refocused and refreshed on the surest ways to achieve and accomplish in the upcoming year. So you can resolve to make 2016 the best one yet!



3 Rules of Success for the Home-based Business Owner

Working from home seems like a fairytale for some entrepreneurs, given its ease, accessibility, and comfort. Although the location is ideal, this prime real estate isn’t always productive or even practical.

That’s why you should take a few moments to check out my tips for building your work-from-home castle. Time to rule your entrepreneurial kingdom without getting locked in the dungeon!