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4 Shocking Mistakes of Small Business Websites: Are you missing out on sales?

For some small business owners, websites are a “necessary evil.” Agree with that sentiment? If so, you’re likely missing out on money bags full of sales revenue.

This misunderstanding of the value of a website is encouraged by your nemesis, Chaos Inc.! With all that high-tech noise, how do you ensure a great site while staying focused on your business?

Well, you start by watching this video of the four shocking mistakes of small business websites, of course! Then you’ll be able to make cash from all those inbound customers you’ve been neglecting!



The 7 Fatal Sins of Business Owners – Are you guilty?

By now you probably feel confident enough to tackle chaos when it hits—but what about where it starts? How does Chaos Inc. initiate the battle of good vs. evil and how can you keep it from getting the best of your small business?

The cause of most entrepreneurial errors comes from some seemingly minor sins that bring down even the most virtuous small business owner.

These Seven Fatal Sins of Business Owners are truly the root of all that is evil. Take a look at my entrepreneur tips to keep you winning the sinner vs. saint smack down!



4 Steps to Empowering Employees – Tired of babysitting?

You’re in luck, my fellow entrepreneur. Today you get an inside look at how your competitors get more out of their employees–why they have amazing, engaged people while you struggle to get people to just follow simple instructions. Check out this email we intercepted:

“As the employee of an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be difficult to make that connection with your job. Sure you know how to do basic tasks, but at what point does it start feeling like your position?

“Here at Competitor Inc. we want to make sure you not only do your job well, but also are proud of the ownership you take in it. Because ownership isn’t just about contribution—it’s about investment, too.

“So check out the four steps we swear by to ensure focused, empowered employees.



The 3 Step Process to Solve Any Small Business Problem- Don’t be caught unprepared

Entrepreneurs know that sometimes things go wrong—horribly wrong. It’s in moments like these that your business systems really get tested. In particular: your problem solving system.

A focused way of thinking is exactly what your small business needs to solve any issues that come your way. Got one?

Odds are, you don’t or if you do, you’re not remembering to use it. Enter this brief video, where I outline the three step process every entrepreneur needs to learn…and memorize…and use.



Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Free sample from lynda.com

Time management is a painful word to most entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the second you start hiding from it, old Chaos Inc. will start inflicting real pain in your life and your business–with the force of a thousand Chuck Norris punches. Ouch.

Mastering the art of focusing your time is much more valuable than simply wishing you had more of it.

Help is here: I’m giving you a unique look inside my Time Management Training course on Lynda.com! Check out my lessons for making the most out of your day, then take advantage of this special access to more small business coaching!