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The 3 Step Process to Solve Any Small Business Problem- Don’t be caught unprepared

Entrepreneurs know that sometimes things go wrong—horribly wrong. It’s in moments like these that your business systems really get tested. In particular: your problem solving system.

A focused way of thinking is exactly what your small business needs to solve any issues that come your way. Got one?

Odds are, you don’t or if you do, you’re not remembering to use it. Enter this brief video, where I outline the three step process every entrepreneur needs to learn…and memorize…and use.



Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Free sample from lynda.com

Time management is a painful word to most entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the second you start hiding from it, old Chaos Inc. will start inflicting real pain in your life and your business–with the force of a thousand Chuck Norris punches. Ouch.

Mastering the art of focusing your time is much more valuable than simply wishing you had more of it.

Help is here: I’m giving you a unique look inside my Time Management Training course on Lynda.com! Check out my lessons for making the most out of your day, then take advantage of this special access to more small business coaching!



5 Surprising Small Business Lessons from Book Titles (Only)

Enhancing your personal and professional growth with business books is one of the most invaluable things entrepreneurs can do. But with a packed schedule chances are you’re throwing in the towel after only a few chapters. And that’s something Chaos Inc. loves to see.

Sometimes the most focused approach encourages you to judge a book by its cover…heck, maybe just the title!

So allow yourself to be a little bit lazy today as we review five surprising small business lessons from book titles. Gives a whole new meaning to “reading cover to cover,” huh?



4 Steps to Stop Being a Small Business Micro-Manager – Do’s and Don’ts

Small business owners sometimes have trouble letting go of control. And that death-grip management style is exactly how Chaos Inc. wants to see you run the show.

That’s right—too much control can actually be more work, more costly, more chaotic.

So take a minute to find out if you’ve got your employees in a management headlock with my four steps to STOP being a micro-manager. Because the more you loosen that vice, the more focused you can really be.



The 2 Most Important Hours of Every Entrepreneur’s Day

Entrepreneurs know time is valuable, which is why they try to spend every waking minute pumping energy into their business. But be careful! If you’re not using your time wisely, you could soon see stocks soar in Chaos Inc.

Taking a more focused approach to time allows you to embrace innovation, the lifeblood of entrepreneurship.

Take a break from the nose to the grindstone mentality. Pick your head up and hear about the two most important hours of the entrepreneur’s day. Or run the risk of really wasting time!