When Thank You Notes Just Aren’t Enough

In the coming months, you may be the recipient of a gift. There’s a good chance this might be a tad uncomfortable. Some of us–I’m not naming names–are terrible at receiving gifts. It’s not always easy, but showing appreciation matters. After all, it’s the thought that counts in business and in life. So, here’s a … Continue reading “When Thank You Notes Just Aren’t Enough”

What is Your Question? Ask and Receive

Do you ask enough questions? I’d say most people don’t. Of course, my subscribers aren’t most people. My followers are leaders. They understand that the mighty question mark is the most powerful punctuation in their arsenal. They know there are no “dumb questions” in their epic adventure for truth and continuous improvement. They believe that … Continue reading “What is Your Question? Ask and Receive”

Why Your Business Should Stop Loaning Money

It shouldn’t come as a shock that I take a strong stance on the topics of “business” and “focus.” Heck, I even wrote a book called The Focused Business, which happens to be available on Amazon and makes a great stocking stuffer! *wink, wink* What’s one sign your business is losing focus? Follow the money. … Continue reading “Why Your Business Should Stop Loaning Money”

How Dull Sales Skills Sell Yourself Short

Stuck in a sales slump? Convinced yourself that you’re getting bad leads, the market is in a down-cycle, and all the fat cats at City Hall are sticking it to the little guy? Maybe. Then again, it could be that those skills could use a little sharpening. Sales skills are like a chef’s knife. Honed … Continue reading “How Dull Sales Skills Sell Yourself Short”

How to Avoid Getting (Too) Greedy

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve spent time in “the red.” You’ve used money, earned or borrowed, and invested into your business. Buy for a dollar. Sell for two. Eventually, you land in “the green.” What happens then? Some folks buy an Armani suit, slick back their hair with 3 pounds of hair gel, channel their … Continue reading “How to Avoid Getting (Too) Greedy”