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See you next year!

Thanks for your valuable feedback! Starting in January, I’ll be unveiling an upgrade to the current video series. Expect shorter videos, more powerful content, and instantly actionable tips you can use in your business. Look for these new videos to arrive the first full week in January.

While the elves are hard at work on this free upgrade, please enjoy the holiday season. Be sure to use just a little bit of it to get a headstart on a prosperous 2015!

It’s an honor to serve you,

Dave Crenshaw




3 Steps to Get a Headstart on The New Year

Lots of business owners look at the upcoming New Year as a fresh start. But that outlook implies you’re tossing out this year’s invaluable lessons and experience.

Seems pretty darn chaotic if you ask me.

No. This year give your business a headstart, instead, and really hit the ground running in 2015. Find out what I mean with my three super swift steps!



Support Defy Ventures & I’ll Match Your Donation!

Ahh, the holidays: that time of year when we give thanks for our health, happiness, and humbling opportunities.

Today’s a little different, because I’m sharing my adopted cause with you. Get ready to take action, because here’s a superb opportunity to not only BE thankful, but SHOW it, too.



4 Steps to Take a Vacation from Your Business

When did the idea of getting a little R&R become so terrifying for entrepreneurs? Small business owners often pack their bags only to unpack their desk when they take a vacation.

But going off the radar doesn’t mean your small business has to go off-course.

Which is why today we’ll practice the art of letting go, way down in Kokomo, with my four steps to take a vacation from your business.



3 Signs It’s Time to Fire an Employee

Entrepreneurs face a lot of tough decisions. But there’s none tougher than having to let an employee go. Yep, it’s time to rip off that chaotic bandage.

Here—we’ll do it on the count of three: my three signs it’s time to fire an employee. It’ll only sting for a second…