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Why Processing Email is Shockingly Valuable

Welcome back from that much needed vacation! Welp, time to cruise on in to your office, take a seat at your desk, open up the ole’ laptop, and…SWEET SAMPSON’S GHOST! That’s one unwieldy email inbox!

Sure, processing an overloaded inbox is a pain in the neck. Believe it or not: dedicating time to focus on processing email might be your most valuable allocation of time and money.

So, before you tackle (or ignore) that 2,000+ email queue, start your day with this short slice. It may be the added jolt for getting you out of that inbox and back in the swing of things.



Planning Vs. Gambling with Your Marketing Plan

“Ladies and gentleman! Step right up and place your bets! The name of the game is ‘Marketing Roulette’ and a jackpot is waiting for you… if Lady Luck is on your side!”

If that’s the voice in your head when you review your marketing plan, you’re not crazy, you’re just thinking short-term. An effective marketing plan is a long-term game plan with strategies and contingency plans—not just a good hunch.

Hold off on playing another hand in high-stakes speculation for 90 seconds, and check out this short slice. Were I a betting man, I would wager a pretty penny that you’ll take a second look at your marketing plan.



Should You Find Investors? Consider These Alternatives First

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking to earn the capital needed to pull in more customers to purchase your goods or services. For many business owners, getting that cash infusion means slicing off a piece of equity and feeding it to bloodthirsty investors, like in ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’.

Consider this a warning to tread water lightly! You may think you are Mark Cuban’s buddy, but you’re much “chummier” than you think.

If control of your business matters to you, check out this pitch that will help you consider whether or not to find investors. In less than 90 seconds, you’ll learn when to tell those sharks, “I’m out!”



Piecing Together Your Product or Service Name

Remember the name of the last product or service you purchased?

Sure, you may regret buying those Cinnabon Cinnasweeties and Oreo Chillata, but think about why those word fragments were picked to form such appealing product names. Finding that perfect name can be a bit of a puzzle. With more pieces comes a greater challenge. But, the more challenging the puzzle, the greater that rush of endorphins will be when it is finally complete.

So, put down that Chillata for 90 seconds and check out these simple rules for developing tantalizing product or service names. WARNING: this video may result in over-use of the phrase “Nailed it!”



Are your Company Values Motivational?

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that motivating your employees is key to success. Yet all too often their motivational tool is reward or punishment, like: “bring in a boatload of money and I’ll foot the bill on a steak dinner.” Unless your employees are named Seabiscuit, carrots and sticks don’t really make for a highly motivated workforce.

Instead, take a quick 80 seconds out of your day to learn this shockingly simple tool for motivating your employees. Hopefully, I’ve motivated you to press the play button. I mean it is YouTube…who needs motivation to watch YouTube?