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How to Fix Your Hiring Process

The hiring process can exhaust entrepreneurs, creating chaos of a seemingly simple practice. Plus, you’re likely in a hurry. Your company is growing and you need new employees NOW, right? Not so fast, my frenzied friend.

Today’s 75-second video helps you focus—and fine-tune—your hiring process to avoid character flaws you just can’t afford. That’s right—hiring just got a whole lot simpler!



How to Detox Your Overstuffed Email Inbox

Many entrepreneurs are email hoarders—especially when it comes to their inbox. Unfortunately, displaying emails front-and-center creates a cycle of continuous switchtasking. Talk about a productivity killer!

Start stockpiling those messages the smart way with my super simple solution—served up in less than 90 seconds! Think of it as a much needed detox for your overstuffed inbox.



Why Most Problem Solving is Wasted Time

Entrepreneurs are skilled problem solvers—putting out fires each and every day of the week. Yet the ability to extinguish isn’t nearly as important as the ability to distinguish.

Take a brief 87 seconds to focus on the important difference between simple sparks, and boisterous blazes in your small business. Then you’ll add focus—not fuel—to the fire.



Why Busy Should be the New B Word

Entrepreneurs are brave, fearless, and tireless. They reap the rewards of effort and proudly wear the battle-scars of their persistence. And they should…except in one case.

One word comes often to their lips that isn’t a badge of honor, but a white flag of defeat. Pause just 77 seconds with me as we wage war on this disastrous declaration.



Which kind of entrepreneur are you: Founder or President?

Feeling the pull from both sides of your small business roles is a common conundrum for entrepreneurs. That’s because at one point or another, you’ll have to choose between leading the way and managing the windstorm.

Stop the struggle before it starts, with my 90 second slice for embracing the right role in your small business. Founder or president? Let’s explore.