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Google My Business is Critical For Small Business

Small business owners know the power of a good reputation. But many of them underestimate the power of the almighty Google, and what it’s been telling your potential customers.

So today’s sublime small business slice reveals exactly how to get back in Google’s good graces, and start bringing in the sales you deserve.



Pre-crastination, a tool for business owners

Procrastination is a way of life for the chaotic business owner. Big ideas, small execution. But the focused entrepreneur knows that putting off tasks is just off-putting.

Today my super snappy small business slice shows you how to defeat procrastination with PRE-crastination. (See what I did there?)



G’Day Mate: A Customer Loyalty Story – Small Business Slice

Building customer loyalty in your small business is a lot like throwing a boomerang: just the right amount of effort can almost guarantee a return.

Today’s lightning-quick video will show you what an Aussie business taught a Yank about how to keep customers coming back for more!



How to work on your business

Gearing up for a new year and a new way to do business isn’t as easy as it sounds. As an entrepreneur, you may wonder how to work on your business—not just in it—this year. Many of you asked me just that question.

Well I’m here to help with the first video in my ALL NEW super swift Small Business Slice series—no calories, no more than 90 seconds, no foolin’. Just click and enjoy!



See you next year!

Thanks for your valuable feedback! Starting in January, I’ll be unveiling an upgrade to the current video series. Expect shorter videos, more powerful content, and instantly actionable tips you can use in your business. Look for these new videos to arrive the first full week in January.

While the elves are hard at work on this free upgrade, please enjoy the holiday season. Be sure to use just a little bit of it to get a headstart on a prosperous 2015!

It’s an honor to serve you,

Dave Crenshaw