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4 Steps to Take a Vacation from Your Business

When did the idea of getting a little R&R become so terrifying for entrepreneurs? Small business owners often pack their bags only to unpack their desk when they take a vacation.

But going off the radar doesn’t mean your small business has to go off-course.

Which is why today we’ll practice the art of letting go, way down in Kokomo, with my four steps to take a vacation from your business.



3 Signs It’s Time to Fire an Employee

Entrepreneurs face a lot of tough decisions. But there’s none tougher than having to let an employee go. Yep, it’s time to rip off that chaotic bandage.

Here—we’ll do it on the count of three: my three signs it’s time to fire an employee. It’ll only sting for a second…



5 Reasons to Invest 5 Hours/Week On Your Business

Hard work is admirable and necessary, certainly. But all too often business owners only work hard and rarely work smart. This results in growing your muscles but not growing your business.

To work smart, you’ve got to work ON your business, not just IN it. This short video illustrates the top five reasons why. Watch, get pumped, then pump up your business!



How to Kill the Dreaded Quick Question

As a business owner you strive to be available whenever customers or employees need help. When “quick questions” come along, you wind up dropping everything—and losing focus and valuable time.

“Stop, Drop, and Chaos” no more, after you check out my simple solutions to killing the devious, dreaded “double Q.”



4 Reasons Why Family Should Come First for Your Business

Regret. Familiar with it?

The most regretful business owners I’ve met are the ones who let business chaos get in the way of their family. One way or another, every small business is a family business.

Family should come first for your business—always. Watch this quick video to learn my four reasons “why.”