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How To Motivate Your Employees to Keep Learning

Did your college diploma come with a free, lifetime supply of business acumen? Mine sure didn’t! Nobody enters the workforce knowing…well, much of anything! Luckily, you took the advice of your commencement speaker and committed to life-long learning.

As the “Dean” of your own business, you sincerely want to pass your wisdom on to your employees. Yet most employees have just one problem, and it can be summed up in 3 letters…“Meh.”

Employee apathy is the enemy of learning programs. That’s why the advice in this slice is about how to motivate employees to learn even when they think they’re “too cool for school”.



How “Cooler Heads” Extinguish “Heated” Workplace Conflict

…The following is a public service announcement…

The workplace. When managed correctly, it’s a lush campground for collaboration, career building, and high fives. But, take caution! Adding more campers means greater susceptibility to out-of-control fires known as “workplace conflict.” Only you can prevent them!

A little workplace conflict is normal and healthy, like a control fire that sprouts diverse plant life or a campfire that ignites folksy sing-a-longs. It’s only when these fires get out of control that this beloved campground disintegrates into a barren wasteland. In this short video, you’ll learn some useful tips for stamping out those heated exchanges before your workplace becomes a blazing inferno of awkward.



How to Ask Interview Questions that Actually Matter

When a job candidate walks into your conference room, start by asking yourself, “Is this candidate more prepared for this interview than I am?” Too many businesses riddle candidates with random interview questions that might as well be answered by a Magic Eight Ball.

“On a scale of 0 to Spock, how logical are you?”

“If you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be?”

“Which Bee Gees song describes your life?”

If that’s how you plan on acquiring a great employee, well… “Outlook Not So Good.” But not to worry! This 90-second slice should do the trick! Will you learn a strategic method for asking better interview questions?  “Signs point to yes!”



Fixing Common Organization Chart Mistakes

Ah, business ownership. Yep, it’s hard not to gaze upon what you’ve built and proclaim, “home sweet home.”

Little do you suspect that the very foundation of your home, the organization chart, is about as flimsy as the paper money that’s about to go flying out of your wallet. Organization charts that are contaminated with chaos are cracks in your foundation, and cracks in your foundation can only mean one thing for your business: you’re sunk!

Just like a 90 second version of ‘This Old House’, this short slice will help you repair those hairline cracks to keep your house a home.



Avoid These Critical Hiring Mistakes

Remember your high school coach belligerently screaming, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” as you avoided passing out whilst struggling through a series of 20-minute sprints? Sorry to bring up a sore subject, but he was right…especially when it comes to hiring.

For too many business owners, ineffective hiring processes create a whole lot of weak links. The result? Well, a sorry excuse for a chain. Before welcoming a “chain of fools” into your business, think critically about who you’ll need and how to find them.

In this 90-second clip, we discuss the common hiring mistakes and how to fix them.