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4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Welcome Competition in Business

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are some of the most fearless folks on the planet. But when it comes to competition in business, they sometimes run for the hills!

That little voice of anxiety is Chaos Inc. telling you to stay frozen with fear in your little room. Time to LET IT GO! Competition in business is healthy, productive, and even—dare I say it—fun!

Watch your fears melt away while you watch my 4 reasons entrepreneurs should welcome competitors….or at least say they never bothered you anyway.



The 5 Harvests of The Entrepreneur – A New Kind of Exit Strategy

Small business owners have the tendency to lose steam when they’re working toward their big goals. This lack of motivation is exactly what Chaos, Inc. needs to huff, and puff, and blow your whole exit strategy down.

Every entrepreneur needs what I call the five harvests. Think of these like Thanksgiving celebrations where you thank your hardest working employee: yourself.

Ready for me to pass the gravy? Then watch my latest video:



4 Small Business Cash Flow Must-Dos

“Cash flow” can feel like four-letter words to small business owners. Whether they’ve got a steady stream or a lazy river, there are some things entrepreneurs must do in order to ensure Chaos Inc. doesn’t drain them.

Stressing out over cash flow leads to chaotic management, self-doubt, and saying yes to just about anything.

So take a gander at my 4 must-dos for small business cash flow—even if you’re presently backstroking through coins like Scrooge McDuck.



Get Organized – 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of your messy workspace? You’re not alone. It’s funny how small business owners and entrepreneurs always manage to find something more important than getting organized. That’s exactly why I’m here to help.

With hectic schedules there’s barely any time to slow down and get organized. But letting that clutter take over can make life really chaotic, really fast.

So watch my 5 organization tips for entrepreneurs. Or keep pretending there isn’t actually a desk under all that clutter…



5 Reasons You Deserve Success As a Business Owner

Some small business owners seem to have doubts about whether or not they actually deserve success. This kind of thinking provides the perfect opening for chaos to get into their hearts and heads.

Not only is internal chaos detrimental to your confidence, but it’s bad for business, too. Think of it as a caged zoo animal with a sign declaring, “Please don’t feed the Chaos!”

So, instead of shouting “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” Take a look at my 5 reasons why you deserve success as a small business owner…