Stay Away from These 3 Business System Mistakes

Fishing can be such a relaxing time, right? Boat? Check! Frosty beverages? Check! Fishing rod? Check! Relaxing, that is, until the first time your line gets snagged in a rock. Fifteen minutes later you’re wrapped in 30 feet of monofilament with no other options than to cut yourself loose like an endangered Atlantic Sturgeon. Convoluted, … Continue reading “Stay Away from These 3 Business System Mistakes”

Developing Leadership by Letting Go

Meet your new personal trainer. His name? ”Brock.” “I’ll spot you,” Brock says as you chalk up for the bench press. He stands behind you as you lift the weights off of the rack. He then grips the crossbar, lifts it up FOR YOU, and yells, “You’re a warrior! You’re crushing it!” Whether it’s running … Continue reading “Developing Leadership by Letting Go”

The Best Way to Retain Information

“Lo que muy bien se aprende, nunca se olvida.” Did you have a high school Spanish teacher that made you repeat that line over and over? If you did, you know the translation: A well-learned lesson is never forgotten. Then life happens and, POOF, all the notes you took from books, seminars, and Spanish 101 … Continue reading “The Best Way to Retain Information”

Why “App Addiction” Doesn’t Equal “Productivity”

Ever had a bad self-checkout experience at the grocery store? You scan an item, and the screen reads: REQUIRES MANAGER APPROVAL. You call the manager, but they can’t override the firewall. So, they call a developer. The developer has to hack into the mainframe, but they need a secret code from NASA. Thus, the cycle … Continue reading “Why “App Addiction” Doesn’t Equal “Productivity””

Dave’s Guide to the Workday Apocalypse

Two thousand zero zero party over. Oops, out of time… Well, at least that’s what we all thought during the Y2K scare. Oh, you don’t remember Y2K? Just walk into your basement and look for a library of canned foodstuff. OK, so the predictions of a “Terminator-esque” apocalypse were unfounded, but the instincts that prepare … Continue reading “Dave’s Guide to the Workday Apocalypse”