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Why Time Management is Dead and What to Do About It

Airline food, harmonicas, Donald Trump’s haircut—some things never change. But evolution will always require entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion, or risk extinction.

One area where most people desperately need an upgrade is time management. Progress past those primitive productivity practices with this quick and hip small business tip.



Leverage: The defining trait of entrepreneurs

People often wonder exactly what makes an entrepreneur tick. Are we born with some sort of toolkit for triumph, or are we just hard-wired for hard work? Contrary to popular belief, most don’t come pre-equipped for success.

Instead, they’ve learned how to use one simple tool to unlock prosperity. Today’s video is a 79-second lesson in that tool, and a not-so-subtle reminder to use it or lose it.



Closed Door, Open Calendar: The Focused Alternative to the Open Door Policy

Small business owners are the absolute best at being approachable and attentive to their employees. But oh how quickly things go awry when visitors treat your availability like a doormat.

Protect your window of opportunity to get things done with a quick 90-second lesson on being focused and friendly. So you can leave chaos—not your crew—out in the cold…



Entrepreneur vs Employee: The Healthy Tug of War

A tug-of-war often occurs while implementing change in any small business—and it’s bound to create a little tension. And if it comes down to entrepreneur vs. employees, that trivial tug-of-war can quickly turn into a tightrope of terror.

Sometimes all you need is a little focus to stay balanced, which is what I’m serving up today in my hot-n-ready small business slice. It’s a true win-win for small businesses everywhere.



The Importance of Establishing a Digital Free Zone

Technology and The Entrepreneur: a classic drama about Frenemies in the 21st century. While relying on devices helps keep us on-task and in-touch, it also has the power to turn a digital user into a digital abuser.

So today we’re going to ditch all the drama with my surprisingly simple small business slice. Less than two minutes will help you focus on how to use technology—without getting used by it.