Why “App Addiction” Doesn’t Equal “Productivity”

Ever had a bad self-checkout experience at the grocery store? You scan an item, and the screen reads: REQUIRES MANAGER APPROVAL. You call the manager, but they can’t override the firewall. So, they call a developer. The developer has to hack into the mainframe, but they need a secret code from NASA. Thus, the cycle … Continue reading “Why “App Addiction” Doesn’t Equal “Productivity””

Dave’s Guide to the Workday Apocalypse

Two thousand zero zero party over. Oops, out of time… Well, at least that’s what we all thought during the Y2K scare. Oh, you don’t remember Y2K? Just walk into your basement and look for a library of canned foodstuff. OK, so the predictions of a “Terminator-esque” apocalypse were unfounded, but the instincts that prepare … Continue reading “Dave’s Guide to the Workday Apocalypse”

How to Tame the Chaos of Your Office

I wrote the intro to this post on a napkin, but I think I left it in the pants I wore yesterday. I guess I can wing it… Sound familiar? Is your pocket, car, or email inbox a cacophony of receipts, memos, socks, and spam? Personally, I’ve helped hordes of “hoarders” with this very problem. … Continue reading “How to Tame the Chaos of Your Office”

Embrace the Motivating Power of Vision

“Stalled”…“Can’t take next step”…“Stuck in rut.” We have so many ways to describe these feelings, likely because everyone experiences them. Sometimes we have no idea what we’re supposed to do next, both in business and in life. What many of my coaching clients learn is that you can’t take the “next step” until you know … Continue reading “Embrace the Motivating Power of Vision”

Google Trends and Procrastination: What’s the Link?

Data-Savvy entrepreneurs should be familiar with Google Trends. It’s a terrific tool for learning the “what, when, and where” of Google searches. It helps you market efficiently and set sales goals. Except, after 5 minutes or so, you get a bit silly with the searches. For instance, in the US, “Kenny G” spikes between November … Continue reading “Google Trends and Procrastination: What’s the Link?”