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The Importance of Establishing a Digital Free Zone

Technology and The Entrepreneur: a classic drama about Frenemies in the 21st century. While relying on devices helps keep us on-task and in-touch, it also has the power to turn a digital user into a digital abuser.

So today we’re going to ditch all the drama with my surprisingly simple small business slice. Less than two minutes will help you focus on how to use technology—without getting used by it.



Why You Should Never Ask to Pick Someone’s Brain

Entrepreneurs share a strong camaraderie—a sort of unspoken solidarity within the small business community. But the commonplace phrase “pick your brain” can transform connecting into begging.

And since entrepreneurial etiquette can be a bit confusing, my small business slice clears up the code of conduct for networking with one another. Just a simple lesson in minding your mingling manners.



How a Dirty Mind Hurts Productivity

Have you ever noticed how quickly productivity plummets when you’re just thinking about your mushrooming to-do list? Well, all that mental clutter is just another dirty word for chaos.

So today we’re going to get your mind out of the gutter by focusing on exactly how to stay on point. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take out the trash.



The Myth of Self-Motivation

Entrepreneurs are big believers in the elusive white unicorn: that self-motivated employee that can tackle each task perfectly with minimal training or questions. But self-motivation isn’t magical–it’s mythical, and deceivingly unreliable.

That’s why my small business slice helps you owners focus your energy on practical ways to motivate your employees. And you don’t even need a magic wand.



How to Use Reminders to Regain Focus

Being an entrepreneur takes a whole lot of willpower and drive. But with distractions at our fingertips, technology is turning productivity into a battle to stay focused. And it ain’t fighting fair!

So stop the feuding and regain focus in 90 seconds or less, with my short and snappy small business slice. Together we can get technology back on our team…